After winning the Luna Mae Award 2019, I became a couturier at the atelier. Working on various client orders from 2019 as well as collections within this time. I helped curate and produce Luna Mae's first baby collection and maternity wear. 

Working closely with the designer to produce a new lingerie range. From assisting with design to producing the sample garments in house. Developing the collection to a high fit standard and problem solving as we progressed. 

A graduate collection crafted during my time of study at LCF Fashion Contour BA(hons). Nonpareil explores the use of colour to communicate with inspiration derived from my families roots in rock climbing and the southern sandstone. 

V E L V E T  A R C H I T E C T
Short term freelance assisting on producing samples. Creating size measurement charts and other technical specifications.

A selection of hand embellishment showcasing various skills and techniques at a couture standard. 
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